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Past conferences :

Nov 10 2019
November 10, 2019

    PhUSE EU Connect: Amsterdam

    November 10 -13

    Live demo of our offerings or learning more about the release of our eDataValidator.

    Sep 11 2019
    September 11, 2019

      PhUSE Single day event: Beerse, Belgium

      September 11, 2019 | Roche-PointCross Joint Presentation

      Presentation on “Review Safety Signals from Interim or Submittable SEND Datasets Using MySEND” by Nicolas Philippe, PointCross Life Sciences and Dr. Dragomir Ivanov Draganov, Roche

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      Jun 20 2019
      June 20, 2019

        Converting Biopharma Source Data to Unified Models

        Smart Transformation of Disparate Biopharma Source Data to Unified Machine Readable Target Data Models

        June 20, 2019

        Digital data is the lifeblood of the biopharma industry as it works increasingly with study data, molecular and digital biomarkers.

        Studies and assays from a variety of in-vitro, ex-vivo assays, nonclinical studies, clinical trials, and their eCRF data, bio-analytics data, molecular biomarkers from bio-samples generate data types typical of those studies.

        Every laboratory or CRO that collects and publishes this data have their own format and data structures. Studies coded to CDISC data exchange standards may follow different IG versions and control terminology releases in addition to representing data according to study specific trial-designs.

        This paper covers:

        • Distinguishing “Exchange” standards for publishing data between organizations from “Repository” standards for ingesting and holding data in an invariant form for search, cross-study selection of cohorts or samples based on data across domains.
        • Techniques, tools, and facilities in the Smart Transformation module of PointCross’ Xbiom solutions platform for converting data from one standard to another quickly, efficiently, and with automation.
        • Transforming data dynamically on-demand from sources to any business purpose dictated target model for streamlined dataflow.

        Download Whitepaper: Smart Transformation of Disparate Biopharma Source Data to Unified Machine Readable Target Data Models

        Jun 13 2019
        June 13, 2019

          Smart Transformation of Disparate Data Into Unified Form

          Webinar: Smart Transformation Of Your Disparate Data Into Unified Form For Repurposing

          Thursday, June 13th at 8:00am PT/ 11:0am ET.


          • Standards Management
          • Ontology Management
          • eData Validation
          • Mapping of disparate data sources in their native models to a standard model
          • Run time mapping to generate curate datasets for purpose