DATA CONCIERGE – Nonclinical


Data Concierge – Nonclinical

Biotechs choose Xbiom™ to capture, integrate and analyze data from their ongoing nonclinical studies using interim data loads from their CRO LIMS systems and the various bio-analytics and specialty assays labs. This unique service offers:

  • A virtual team of extensive data, scientific, and toxicology professionals who bring business continuity and agility at a low cost
  • White glove service that allows your key toxicologists and strategic staff to make data-driven decisions on the study and the program in near real time

Staffing to perform data management, data science and clinical analysis can add up to be costly, especially for small BioTechs stretching their funding to their next milestone. If cost-reduction, agility, and speed to data driven decisions are important, consider our Data Concierge Service.

Data Concierge for Nonclinical is available for a monthly subscription. Our clients see an average of 70% cost reduction compared to building and maintaining an extensive internal data management team.