About PointCross

PointCross Life Sciences is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PointCross Inc. We are a global technology company providing the life sciences industry with solutions in big data analytics, management, visualization, and warehousing. Our offerings reduce risk, improve data quality, shorten time to market, and generate better insights from both R&D and regulatory data. We are an internationally dispersed organization with offices in the US, France, and India.

Today’s drug discovery programs are informed by a plethora of information across the translational spectrum.

Our Mission is to increase researchers’ access to and utility of data in order to safely reduce the cost and time between observation and intervention.

We achieve this by harmonizing and contextually integrating all data collected in discovery, pre-clinical, and clinical trials, creating a central data repository for both non-interventional and interventional clinical data linked with available biosamples.

This ultimately allows scientists to access the significance of observations made in pre-clinical experiments, correlating both animal and human safety data and thus improving pre-clinical predictions for human safety. Along with reducing false-negative and false-positive rates, this approach helps optimize study designs, meaning less patients required for trials, and a shortened timeframe of study duration.

Our Purpose is to enable a data ecosystem that accelerates innovation, breaks down data silos, eases collaboration with internal and external innovation partners, empowers translational science in the pursuit of precision medicine, and assures data integrity while ensuring the highest standards of data security and data governance.

At PointCross Life Sciences, Our Vision is to standardize and semantically integrate all data collected in discovery as well as nonclinical and clinical trials, with genomic and immune response data derived from the patient from their bio-samples or other, and to support precision medicine development and translational research to discover treatments for the countless number of illness and disease we face today.

Our Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is reflected in our belief that diversity powers progress. As a global, science-first company, PointCross understands and actively promotes the inclusion and diversity of thought, background, experience, and creed. Encouraging our team to bring their whole and authentic selves to the organization means, first and foremost, serving as an active listener.

PointCross does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, status as a protected veteran, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Our expectation of our employees, partners, vendors, and customers, is that our business relies upon the fundamental principle of respect.