Orchestra™ & SOLO™

Orchestra™ a web solution for all content managed within their contexts
SOLO™ companion desktop software that synchronizes with Orchestra for offline

PointCross Life Sciences

Orchestra™ is an enterprise platform to :

  • Unify management of all structured and unstructured content or data
  • Self organize content into their business contexts within their ontologies
  • Organize and serve an unlimited number of ontologies from any industry
  • Index and search of onboard or external sources of content or data
  • Drive automated workflows, alerts and messaging for stage-gated processes
  • Manage security with role based access, encryption of all data and content
  • Be a foundation for complex industry specific solutions like Xbiom
  • Provide developers with a API rich tool kit for building advanced solutions

SOLO™ is a companion solution for Orchestra™ to :

  • Automatically synchronize with Orchestra for offline access to a user’s content and emails
  • Allow enterprise wide management of content and versioning with security and encryption without duplication of records for user’s accessible data
  • Provide users with a single access point to their work and collaborations with secure sharing whether offline or online.
  • Maintain enterprise and departmental content in a self-healing system

Orchestra™ and SOLO™ are available as :

  • Standalone installations for content and communication management as a system of record
  • As a foundation and platform on which Xbiom is built