Biosample Tracking for Specialty Assays – Translational Medicine

Biosample Tracking for Specialty Assays

Translational medicine often calls for certain cohorts of subject’s or patient’s biomarkers to be measured. These specialty assays may be done once certain patients meet certain criteria, such as exceptional responders or non-responders. This requires that the stratified cohort criteria be applied routinely as the patients go through their visits and their new bio-samples or bio-banked bio-samples be sent to specialty labs for assays to be performed. The sample recommendation engine uses all the available tracking manifests, the EDC data that usually records any bio-samples taken, and the biomarker database to identify which patient’s biomarkers have been obtained and which ones are missing this data. This module makes sure that bio-samples that should be assayed are identified as soon as possible and the resultant data integrated into the EDC end-points. 

Biosample Tracking