INSIGHTS – Nonclinical


Nonclinical Study Repository with Study and Cross-Study Search, Analytics, & Visualization

Xbiom Nonclinical Insights includes:

 Longitudinal integration of disparate components of nonclinical studies into a repository for search and discovery of signals or cohorts based on specified criteria.

  • Safety, toxicology analysis and visualization of study and cross-study analytics.
  • Maintain data in a Universal Data Model with harmonized terminology and normalized units for easy repurposing, including generation of SEND datasets.
  • Monitoring of interim data from ongoing studies.
  • Data loading and adaptors for disparate sources as well as SEND datasets.
  • Xbiom™ Insights allow researchers to capture insights by generating TFL objects that include figures, tables, and listings with annotations for any selected cohorts; and save these TFLs for future access and publishing.