Interim Study Monitoring

Monitor and Analyze Ongoing Nonclinical Studies on Xbiom™

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PointCross Life Sciences Launches Interim Study Monitoring & Analysis on Xbiom™: Accommodates In-Vivo animal studies including Transgenic and Xenograft models

For those interested in monitoring ongoing studies and receiving interim updates from your constellation of CROs and specialty labs, consider the advantages of having a single platform ingest disparate, as-collected data and making your study data available for your analysis.

That platform is Xbiom™, available as a subscription or on a per-study basis, and delivered on a private, encrypted, cloud based environment to enable secure, authorized and user-defined access.

Every day, PointCross Life Sciences brings together disparate data including immuno-markers, cytokines, bioanalytics, OMICs, ADA, FACS, IHC, etc.) and integrates it so Toxicologists, Safety Researchers, Nonclinical Study Monitors, and informatics stakeholders can analyze the data in any way they wish, with any grouping or cohorts, on a powerful and intuitive data platform.

Periodic analysis and visualization while monitoring your study also means fewer surprises and minimal data gaps when the final dataset is prepared. Final datasets with individual subject data and Trial Design domains can be cross-checked against the interim set, assuring data consistency. When the submission is planned, SEND datasets with nSDRG and Define.xml can be generated from this integrated data.