Data Concierge Service


Data as a Service: A Virtual Data Concierge Offering Data Wrangling Support

Focus on the data, not on the mechanics. PointCross offers a data curation service in addition to the Xbiom modules to help translational scientists focus on a harmonized and integrated dataset in the Universal Data Model which allows for cross study visualization and analysis.- This includes data coming from disparate data sources including assays and EDC study data received from external labs, CROs, and patients.

Our team of dedicated and in-house bioinformaticians, physicians, data scientists, data standards specialists, board certified Toxicologists, IT and scripting engineers work hand in hand with your clinical trial management to take these disparate data sources, harmonize them, and ingest them into Xbiom for immediate use by scientists, researchers, and analysts who can then convert data into a target data model for further collaboration, publication, and submission purposes.

Our Data Concierge service also supports numerous translational researchers who wish to test specific hypotheses with tools and visualization templates, helping with data integration services, customization and configuration of dashboards, and enabling a bespoke analytical environment unique to data domains across various therapeutic areas.

Some examples of services delivered by our Data Concierge service include:

  • Extraction of read-only clinical trial data from the EDC (with permission) on a customized periodic schedule; ingestion to the Universal Data Model for integration and analysis
  • Anticipation and harmonization of assay data as it arrives, and further ingestion, harmonization, and integration with patient data
  • Interaction with the scientist community on specialized visualizations or analysis (R, Python Scripts), to achieve client’s required dashboard configuration for bespoke analysis
  • Tracking and managing bio-samples through workflow logistics (for example) to and between manufacturing and CMC; taking into account sample shipments from hospitals, sample manifests from the central lab, sample availability from biobanks, sample shipments and assay data from biomarker labs and CROs, and maintaining the ability to track sample ID (Patient ID) in defining specific cohorts while maintaining FHIR and confidentiality compliance
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