DATA CONCIERGE – Clinical & Translational


Data Concierge – Clinical & Translational

Biotech’s choose Xbiom to capture, integrate and analyze ongoing clinical trial data from the EDC (Electronic Data Capture) systems, and the various biomarker assays ordered on the patients.

A variety of specialists with disparate skills are needed to do the data aggregation, curation, longitudinal integration, statistical analysis, standardization, visualization, and even assist the clinical analysis for efficacy or monitoring exceptional responder cohorts. Staffing can be expensive and if cost-reduction, agility, and speed to data driven decisions are important, then consider our Data Concierge Service.

Data Concierge is a unique offering where our virtual team of in-house bioinformaticians, data scientists, data standards specialists, board certified Toxicologists, IT and scripting engineers work with you to meet your scientists and toxicologist’s needs to get to actionable information or analysis.

During interim monitoring, our concierge service will take care of all the logistics of getting and loading the data, filling gaps that CROs have difficulty filling in time, and get to the signals that need your attention in a matter of hours or a day.

Data Concierge is available for a monthly subscription that supports up to 3 studies concurrently. Our clients see, on average, a 75% cost reduction compared to building and maintaining an extensive internal data management team.