Digitization, Analysis and Warehousing of Legacy Clinical Trial Data

Digitization, Analysis and Warehousing of Legacy Clinical Trial Data

  • Studies done in the past before the SDTM mandate are not available in digital form (they are in PDF).

  • If those legacy studies are of value today, there’s no way to digitally analyze and access them.
  • If you could digitize your completed legacy studies for repurposing and exploratory analysis would that benefit you?
  • Would putting any, or all your legacy studies into a digital warehouse that is searchable, available for analysis and visualization benefit you?

Sponsors have requested PointCross Life Sciences Inc. support their digitization of clinical legacy studies to form a broader data strategy in which access to findings, stratified cohort analysis, and cross-parameter analysis are readily achieved for repurposing and exploratory analysis. 

Most Sponsors legacy trial data do not easily render an integrated patient profile if a scientific query, audit, or regulatory agency question needs to be answered. Prior to working with a top ten pharmaceutical, it took their programmers well over a year to digitize 4 legacy trials. The current digital source data requires costly curation, reprocessing and time before transformation into an analysis ready digital data repository. 

We at PointCross Life Sciences Inc. know that digitizing legacy clinical data can easily become a nightmare for Sponsors with the retrieval of study documents such as the Protocol, CSR, CRF and SAP.

With PointCross Life Sciences Inc. your clinical legacy studies become:

  • Searchable
  • Robustly Analyzable
  • Visualizable
  • Future proofed
  • Harmonized for any SDTM-IG at any time

We offer sponsors a 3-5 week turnaround. Our approach in digitizing legacy clinical studies enables a fully query-able, analysis-ready dataset that can be warehoused either on a secured instance of PointCross Inc. XBIOM analysis workbench or in a target model outlet suitable for the Sponsors internal repository.

Indeed, Sponsors have requested that legacy trial data be outputted to a SDTM target model which an automated transformation is available within our XBIOM platform used for such digitization. 

With a cost-effective approach in mind, PointCross Life Sciences Inc. has supported several Sponsors re-thinking their clinical data warehousing strategy to ensure future-proofed, analysis-ready datasets made easily available for scientific and regulatory queries. 

We offer a firm fixed price once you share the required resources under an NDA.