Xbiom – A Workbench for Translational and Biomarker Research


Why should biotechs consider Xbiom SaaS?

  • Searchable workbench to unify biomarker data from patients and clinical trial data
  • Extensive list of Biomarkers, Genes, RNAs, Proteins and Metabolomes include:
    • Referenced curated lists from global registries
    • Your unpublished but suspect/identified biomarkers
    • Potential markers from patient bio-samples
  • Discover new or potential biomarkers for companion diagnostics, predictors, or therapies by testing hypothesis against stratified cohorts selected from your data.
  • Reduce time to market with adaptive trials

Unified and searchable workbench of clinical trials, molecular or other biomarkers of patients, and bio-sample tracking data to discover stratified cohorts and analysis for research

Xbiom Workbench for Translational and Biomarker Research is a tried and proven module of Xbiom currently in production use at Big Pharma and Biotech clients. The workbench unifies clinical trial data and their patient’s biomarkers obtained during the studies or later from the bio-samples. The Xbiom workbench provides biomarker researchers trying to discover new biomarkers or validating known or suspected markers a powerful search and query system to find finely stratified cohorts and then visualizing the results and data with onboard or external analysis tools.

Pricing includes:

  • A monthly subscription of Xbiom for 50 users and 50 clinical studies
  • One time fee for set-up and optional training
  • A fixed price offered for the studies and the patient biomarkers to be loaded unless you wish to load it yourself.

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