Goodbye MySEND, Hello eDataValidator!

To our User Community,

PointCross is proud to introduce eDataValidator, which validates final and interim study data against all SEND and SDTM files. The eDataValidator (eDV) replaces MySEND as our commercially available data validation tool.

Register here  for a walk through on eDataValidator.

With over 10,000 downloads, MySEND was launched in 2016 as a tool to promote the understanding of CDISC SEND standards, and to perform validation of SEND datasets when the standard was first mandated by the FDA.

PointCross’ clinical and nonclinical customer needs have evolved substantially since then, with customers wanting to easily (and affordably) validate multiple datasets against the latest validation rules. Customers wanted a nifty QC Dashboard to monitor structure or content issues, and they wanted to perform validation and submission-enabling activities intuitively – ranging from generating Define files, simplified TS.XPT, or converting XPT files to Excel.

Most importantly, customers wanted to validate an unlimited number of datasets either on a secured cloud environment or on a locally hosted, offline desktop tool.

And that is exactly what’s available now on eDataValidator, at $170/month/user, with further volume discounts available for enterprise-wide accounts.

We invite you to take eDataValidator for a no cost trial, and most importantly, we look forward to your feedback.

For dataset visualization and digital analysis of ongoing study data, we’ve launched Interim Study Monitoring on Xbiom™.

To the next 10,000!


The PointCross Team