PointCross MySEND

MySEND is a desktop software for SEND dataset validation, review and visualization. MySEND is an update to the PointCross Validator released in December 2016.

The desktop software is a free, downloadable personal toolbox for your SEND nonclinical data sets that includes an added browser allowing you to view SEND data as tabulations, interactive graphics with charts, or through the immersive experience of advanced histopathology viewers developed in collaboration with industry leaders.

MySEND does not send any of your data to the cloud servers including PointCross servers. However, in the future, if a MySEND user wishes to exchange any study data to the availability of services offered by PointCross, then the company of which the user is employed and PointCross would first need to enter into an NDA and MSA service agreement.

The current released version of the software is:

MySEND browser includes:

  • Complete set of validators for all published FDA, PMDA and CDISC conformance and validator rules plus additional rule for Nonclinical Define.xml.
  • Data Visualization – Data Viewer to view SEND data in tabulations, graphical charts, and interactive graphics
  • Saving Dataset to Excel( xpt, sas7bdat)
  • Trial Summary (TS.xpt) generation for current and legacy studies
  • Multiple reporting functions and export function
  • nSDRG Template Generation

System Requirements for MySEND:

Please note that at this time, MySEND is only compatible with Windows™ systems and may be limited by the power of your personal computer.

  • Windows Operating : 64 bit including Windows 7, Windows8 and Windows 10.
  • Web Browser : Internet Explorer 11 or Chrome.
  • RAM : 4 GB or above
  • Disk Space : 5 GB or above.
  • CPU : Intel I5 2 GHz and above
  • JRE 1.8 (embedded in the MySEND application)
  • Microsoft Excel : All versions supported. Required to review Excel validation reports.

Synthetic Dataset

Please click on the below button to view the Synthetic Dataset for Public Use (PC201904). This is a completely synthetic dataset that was created by PointCross in-house toxicologist and is available for use to test the features of MySEND. This synthetic dataset is also available in the latest update of MySEND.

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