Xbiom makes data useful…

Why should BioTechs consider Xbiom?

  • Searchable workbench to unify biomarker data from patients and clinical trial data
  • Extensive list of Biomarkers, Genes, RNAs, Proteins and Metabolomes include:
    • Referenced curated lists from global registries,

    • Your unpublished but suspect/identified biomarkers

    • Potential markers from patient bio-samples

  • Discover new or potential biomarkers for companion diagnostics, predictors, or therapies by testing hypothesis against stratified cohorts selected from your data
  • Reduce time to market with adaptive trials

Xbiom™A Workbench for Translational and Biomarker Research

Available immediately to BioTechs Software as a Service Subscription on AWS Cloud

Unified and searchable workbench of clinical trials, molecular or other biomarkers of patients, and bio-sample tracking data to discover stratified cohorts and analysis for research